Hole Chart for ZWCAD

A Hole Chart is a table that lists the position and dimensions of selected holes (any circle or standard hole) in a drawing. This plugin creates hole charts, when you select the holes and the origin from where the position is defined. When you create a hole chart, a hole label is placed next to each hole in order to uniquely identify each hole in the hole chart


  • Simple, easy and user friendly.
  • Supports Circle, Arc and Points.
  • Hole charts for profile points.
  • Add holes to the existing hole chart and can remove holes from the hole chart.
  • Hole chart validation to find modified, deleted and missing holes.
  • Separate hole charts based on diameter.
  • Separate hole charts based on hidden line type for top and bottom.
  • Sort holes in hole chart to reduce the tool travel time.
  • Edit hole chart to change the name, x, y, diameter precisions.
  • Automatically add top and bottom settings based on standards.
  • Power dimensions.
  • Export selected hole charts to CNC, CSV and MPF formats.
  • Tools to place construction lines.

We can customize this toolkit to match your company standards

System requirements

  • ZWCAD Professional


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